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  • Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer is acknowledged as leader in the naturopathic profession and interviewed by the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges.
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  • B12 Happy Hour Featured on KTVU News, July 2012 Dr. Natalie Metz is interviewed about the health affects of vitamin B12 injections during one of our Wednesday happy hours. A couple talks about B12 injections improving his dementia.
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  • Bastyr ND Grad, Carl Hangee-Bauer, Takes Helm at AANP at a Critical Time. The naturopathic medicine profession — with its focus on disease prevention, healthy lifestyle habits and patient empowerment — is well suited to take on a greater role in a reformed health care system.
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  • Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc Heads American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Jan. 4, 2010: Family practice naturopathic doctor represents a new type of primary care provider.
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  • Bastyr Magazine Article, Summer 2005: "From Cape Canaveral to the Streets of San Francisco". This Bastyr grad brings a passion to natural medicine that even The Terminator can't ignore.
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  • TV Appearance: California Takes a Naturopathic Approach to Healing. (KTVU Channel 2 10 o'clock evening news, February 8, 2005). John Fowler reports on California's new licensing of naturopathic doctors, interviewing Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer and three of his patients who have benefited from naturopathic care. "Your health care options increased a few weeks ago and you probably didn't know it. On January 14, California began licensing a new kind of medical practitioner using an old kind of medicine."… Says Dr. Hangee-Bauer, "Californians can now choose a primary care doctor who specializes in and is trained in natural medicine, and that's a huge step."
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  • Los Angeles Times article: "With Stethoscopes and Nature's Remedies: Now Licensed in California, Naturopaths Hope to Win Some Respect." Feature article by Hilary E. MacGregor, Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif., Jan 17, 2005, pg. F-1. In this profile of naturopathic medicine as an emerging health profession in California, Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc, was prominently featured as one of the first doctors in the State.
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  • Press Release: Consumer Trends Embrace Alternative Medicine: Treating Holiday Depression. With the onset of holiday depression and an alarming rise in psychiatric emergencies and suicide, new natural treatments and trends in medical care are giving hope to the afflicted. Trends in California for healthier lifestyles, yoga, and exercise have consumers demanding natural medical treatment offered by the state’s newly licensed Naturopathic Doctor.
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  • "New study: Acupuncture as safe alternative to Celebrex, Vioxx", by Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer. New studies show acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative choice for pain with the recent withdrawal of Vioxx from the market due to its association with increased heart attack risk.
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  • Carl Hangee-Bauer, N.D. published an article in the July 2003 issue of Let's Live magazine: "Protect Your Gallbladder".
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