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Spring 2014
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Weight Loss — The Ayurvedic Way
Springtime = Allergy Season
What is Ayurvedic Medicine?
Get ready for allergy season with the Austin Healthmate HEPA Filter


Winter 2013 / 2014
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New Year . . . New Doctors . . . SFNM Expands in 2014
Natural Medicine & the Affordable Care Act
Discounts on Nutritional Supplements

Fall 2013
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Hot Treatments To Improve Your Health and Well-Being
We have a new look!
US Senate Declares Naturopathic Medicine Week October 7 - 13
Tired of Your Insurance Not Covering Naturopathic Medicine?
Allergies Getting You Down?

Summer 2013
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4 Do's & 1 Don't for Fertility, Detox and Cancer Prevention
Lexy, the Therapy Dog
4th of July Holiday Closure
The times they are a-changin'
Dr. Andrea's Breakfast Recipes
SFNM Participates in Heartburn Study

Spring 2013
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IV Therapy--Nourishing The Body From The Inside
California Expands Naturopathic Scope of Practice
Make Mine a Myers' Cocktail
SFNM Participates in Heartburn Study
Welcome Jacqueline Blakely, ND
New Homeopathic Injections!

FAll 2012
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Want More Focus, Less Brain Fog?
Challenge Your Brain
Increase Your Focus with Meditation
No More Plastic Bags
Detox with the Doctor^(SM)
B12 Happy Hour
Green Tea Found To Boost Brainpower
Bastyr University Opens California Campus
Open Enrollment Coming Up? Consider HSA or FSA

Summer 2012
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Natural Treatments for Abnormal Pap's and HPV
Herbs Used in Cervical Dysplasia Formula
Get Your Energy Back, Naturally!
Detox with the Doctor
Congratulations Dr. Andrea Zengion / Welcome Our New Receptionist, Karina
B12 Happy Hour To Be Featured on TV

Spring 2012
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Is Naturopathic Medicine Beneficial For Kids?
SFNM Participating in Sleep Study
Detox with the Doctor
New Children's Supplements
B12 Happy Hour
No More Plastic Bags

Winter 2011
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Would Gluten-Free Be Good For Me?
We Are Expanding!
Detox with the Doctor
Office News

Fall 2011
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Are You "Tired-Wired"? Insomnia, Your Nervous System and How We Can Help
Detox with the Doctor
The Run is halfway across America!

Summer 2011
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Running for Health Care Choice
Naturopathic Facts and Statistics
Office News
Featured Testimonial

Spring 2011
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Natural Relief for IBS: Three Steps to a Happy and Healthy Gut
Detox with the Doctor
Office News
Disaster in Japan and Radiation Risk to Californians
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Meltdowns, oh my

Winter 2011
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Make 2011 a Year of Health and Wellness
New Year—New You
Women's Wellness Workshop with Dr. Amy Day
Detox with the DoctorSM

Fall 2010
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Five Foods to Support Your Immune System
Detox with the DoctorSM
Free Breast Health Presentation
Free Class: Food and Nutrition Ideas for Migraine Prevention
Preconception Care and Fertility Enhancement
Women's Wellness Workshop with Dr. Amy Day
Immune-Boosting Maitake Mushroom Pesto

Summer 2010
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Trouble Sleeping? Top 3 Reasons Why
What is Your Nutritional Status?
Neurotransmitter a Key to Acupuncture's Effectiveness
An Evening with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz
Preconception Care and Fertility Enhancement
Detox with the Doctor
Women's Wellness Workshop

Spring 2010
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Arthritis: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
Men's Health: Herbs and Supplements
Detox with the Doctor
Women's Wellness Workshop

Winter 2009/2010
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How Does Acupuncture Work?
Natural Aesthetics and Massage Therapy
Welcome New Resident, Andrea Zengion, ND, LAc!
Detox with the Doctor
Women's Wellness Workshop

Fall 2009
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Survive or Thrive? Healing the Aging Metabolism
New Treatment for Pain and Injury
Detox with the Doctor
Women's Wellness Workshops

Summer 2009
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Why Are You So Tired? Two Major Hormones Could Be To Blame (Adrenal/Thyroid Testing)
Medical Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork Now Available at SFNM

Spring 2009
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Putting Out the Fire: Natural Approaches to Inflammation
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

December 2008
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Strategies for Immune Support
Detox with the Doctor

September-October 2008
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Did You Know? Acupuncture in the News
Chinese Herbal Medicines, Heavy Metals, and Prop 65
Featured Chinese Herb Formula: Jade Screen

July–August 2008
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More Than Just a Pap Smear: 5 Hallmarks of a Great GYN Visit
A Word About the HPV Vaccine
Smoke From the Fires Getting You Down?

May–June 2008
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Cancer Support Using Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine
A Word About Cancer Prevention
Dr. Hangee-Bauer Visits Capitol Hill

March 2008
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Cleansing Made Easy
Greens with Miso Dressing
Russian Borscht
Detox with the Doctor

January 2008
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Introducing San Francisco Natural Medicine
Detoxification on a Cellular Level Using Biotherapeutic Drainage
Our History
Featured Product: Austin Healthmate HEPA Filter


October – November 2007
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Top 5 Foods Every Woman Should Know
Intravenous Nutrient Therapy Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms
More Research Finds Acupuncture Benefits Fertility and Pregnancy
Mom + Fish = Clever Child

July – August 2007
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Vitamin D: Its Role in Health and Disease
Why You Should Filter Your Water at Home with Multi Pure Drinking Water Systems Instead of Buying Bottled Water.

May – June 2007
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Laboratory Testing for Health and Wellness
Featured Product: Austin Healthmate HEPA Filter

March – April, 2007
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Introducing the Myers Cocktail—Intravenous Nutrient Therapy
Menstrual Problems—There Are Solutions
Spring is the Time for a Cleanse

January – February, 2007
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What's All the Buzz About Bioidentical Hormones?
What Could Be Better Than Soup?


November – December, 2006
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New Naturopathic Doctor Joins the Practice—Meet Dr. Erika Horowitz
Flu Treatments—A Collaborative Medicine Discussion

September – October, 2006
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• Health Savings Accounts
• Insomnia

July – August, 2006
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• Promoting Fertility Naturally
• Acupuncture Fertility Success Stories
• Fertility Enhancement Program

May – June, 2006
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• Sustainable Eating
• May is Eat Local Month.
• How to Find a CSA or Organic Delivery

March – April, 2006
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• What Can Our Genes Tell Us? Breakthroughs in Genomics Testing

January – February, 2006
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• Introducing Ultra-Lite
• Weight Loss Tips for a Healthy New Year


November – December, 2005
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• Cold & Flu Season Arrive Early in SF
• Update on Endometriosis

August – September, 2005
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• Playing It Safe - Healthy Tips for Summer Sports
• Part 7-Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy: Spend at Least 30 Minutes a Day Outdoors
• New Positive Studies on Green Tea and Cancer

June – July, 2005 (HTML)
• Women and Cardiovascular Disease
• Part 6-Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables-A CSA Can Help
• Austin Air Filters-Get 'em Before the Price Goes Up
• Did You Know . . .

March – April, 2005 (HTML)
• Naturopathic Detoxification: Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out
• Part 5-Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy: Express Your Emotions Appropriately
• GYN Exams Are Now Available
• Upcoming Talks with Our NDs
• Breast Thermography - April 7
• Did You Know . . .


December, 2004 (HTML)
• New Naturopathic Doctor Joins the Practice - Meet Dr. Amy Day
• Part 4 - Simple Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy: Connect with Other People
• Tips for Holiday Depression and Stress

November, 2004 (HTML)
• Governor Schwarzennegger Appoints Dr. Hangee-Bauer to Bureau
• Cold and Flu Prevention--10 Useful Tips
• There's a New Face at SOMA - Meet Dr. Amy Day
• Introducing Starfish Health Partners
• Further Update on Drinking Water and Bottles
• "Did You Know". . . Fertility, Headaches, Allergies Improved with Acupuncture

October, 2004 (HTML)
• Breast Thermography - October 28
• Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Stay Healty, Part 3 -- Take a Good Quality Multivitamin/Mineral Supplement
• News from the Clinic
• Drinking Water Update - Nalgene Bottles
• Get a Free Multi-Pure Water Filter

July-August, 2004 (HTML)
• Breast Thermography - August 3
• Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Stay Healthy
• Tired of Paying Out of Pocket for Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine?
• HSA May be the Answer
• Did You Know . . .

June, 2004 (HTML)
• Dr. Hangee-Bauer on Radio June 16th
• Breast Thermography - June 17
• Dr. Hangee-Bauer Speaks at UCSF
• News from the Clinic
• New Web Site
• New Product Info
• Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Stay Healthy

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—Gerdi L.

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