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The cleanse I did with the help of Dr. Day set me on a new path of understanding of how the body really works. My friends were curious, some thought I was crazy, but they all thought I looked relaxed and clear-eyed by the end, and one friend even told me my skin looked amazing. I can't wait for the next one.

—Jeanne S.

Detox with the Doctor℠ is offered several times a year. The best way to keep up with our events is to sign up for our newsletter and like us on Facebook.

Are you struggling with allergies, digestion, fatigue, hormones, stress or weight?

It's time to Detox! Cleansing your body inside and out will improve your energy, balance your hormones, ease your allergies and soothe your digestion so you can look and feel your best.

If you've been thinking about doing a cleanse but want to be sure it is well designed and guided, we welcome you to join one of our licensed naturopathic doctors for this 10-day group cleansing experience.

This is not a fast, and you won't be hungry. You will eat a healthy hypoallergenic diet, drink (good tasting!) liver cleansing drinks, and treat yourself to spa-like self care practices that you can do at home. We will meet as a group on a Saturday, and then we will support each other online throughout the 10 days. Careful reintroduction of foods afterwards will help you to identify hidden food allergies.

The doctor does the cleanse with you, and the group offers a supportive environment. Bring a friend or roommate—it’s more fun to do it together! This comprehensive detox program restores your vitality and renews your relationship to food. You will be empowered and motivated to continue to improve your health.

Price: While many detox programs are over $500, we believe in the importance of teaching you proven methods of caring for your health at home. We offer this program to you for $259, including class instruction, handouts, nutritional supplements, and online chat. Discounts for signing up with a friend and other special offers may apply. Call 415-643-6600 for more information or to register (credit card # required to reserve your space, class size is limited).

To stay informed on our group classes, please sign up for our e-newsletter. Also please like us on Facebook to receive updates on future workshops and events.

If you desire to do a cleanse but cannot attend our group cleanse, you can make an appointment with one of our doctors to do the cleanse on an individual basis. This will give you the opportunity to work directly with the doctor, and we can tailor the cleanse to your specific needs.

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