Detoxification on a Cellular Level Using Biotherapeutic Drainage

Detoxification is a big part of naturopathic theory and practice. Helping the body eliminate toxins safely and effectively can play an important role in improving health and preventing disease. One of the most useful detoxification therapies I use in my practice is the use of UNDA numbers, which are unique combinations of liquid homeopathic formulas founded on the theories of Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and anthroposophy.

How do our bodies detoxify?
The body has developed a number of ways to rid itself of toxins. Primarily, the liver, kidneys, intestines, and lungs are used to excrete waste. When these routes are overwhelmed, secondary or emergency routes are established, because the body will do whatever it can to eliminate waste. These routes are the skin, mucous membranes of the nasal sinuses and the vaginal tract.

What is Biotherapeutic Drainage and why is it important?
The implications of drainage for health and healing are enormous. Biotherapeutic drainage using UNDA numbers enhances the body’s normal routes of elimination to get rid of impurities and manage stress on our system. Drainage helps the body eliminate toxic accumulation and stimulates the organs to function properly in order to improve overall health.

Our bodies need to properly process whatever we ingest or are exposed to. When we are under stress, whether physical, emotional, chemical or environmental, this ability becomes compromised. We know that long-term stress plays a major role in most chronic disease. UNDA numbers, along with diet and lifestyle modifications, work with the body to manage stress’s ill effects, so that the body can work optimally.

Our ability to eliminate plays a large part in determining health status. Health is restored when the body is able to rid itself of naturally accumulating toxins in its cells.

What are the UNDA numbers?
UNDA numbers consist of homeopathically prepared low-dose combinations of plants and minerals. The plants possess specific characteristics as to how they affect an organ or organ system; some may have a stimulating effect, whereas others will calm or sedate an organ’s functions. The minerals in the compounds affect how the cells carry out chemical reactions that are necessary to efficiently begin the detoxification process. So the plants guide the remedy to the appropriate organ system (be it digestive, cardiovascular, or respiratory) and the minerals help change the cells’ biochemical function. These remedies help the body detoxify by helping cells work more efficiently and eliminate waste effectively, and by improving how our organs of elimination work.

UNDA numbers treat both acute ailments and chronic disease, addressing symptoms but more importantly concentrating on the reason that the body is manifesting the symptoms in the first place. The remedies are nontoxic, won’t interfere with other allopathic or holistic medications, and have a gentle yet deep-acting effect.

I have been seeing good results using UNDA numbers as part of my naturopathic approach. If this type of therapy sounds like it could benefit you, please contact me.

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